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Barking Mad Dog Training Club dog image

Barking Mad Dog Training Club was founded in 1992 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk by Steve Telfer. A career soldier, Steve has been working with dogs of all types since 1983 and is a qualified instructor with the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers.

Steve also holds qualifications in Dog Agility Instruction and as an Agility Judge.


Barking Mad Dog Training Club dog image

Claire has been training with Steve since 2003 and, as well as assisting with training, she also doubles up as our receptionist and is your first port of call when you attend the club. Claire holds a qualification in Dog Agility Instruction, and is a City And Guilds Trained Dog Groomer who also runs “The Dog Shed” grooming parlour.

Claire’s pack consists of a Working Cocker Spaniel and a Briard.


Barking Mad Dog Training Club dog image

Ashley started training with Steve in 1993 at a very young age. She progressed though the classes and started learning to become a trainer in the late 1990s. Ashley has now successfully helped to train a wide variety of dogs, from the aggressive to the shy and nervous.

Ashley’s pack consists of a Rottweiler and a Staffie.


Barking Mad Dog Training Club dog image

Lizzie started training with Steve in 2006 and has helped to train a variety of dogs. You will normally meet Lizzie on your first night, as she usually gives the first night talk, introducing you to the “Barking Mad” way of training.

Lizzie’s pack consists of Alaskan Malamutes, Canadian Eskimo Dogs, Huskies, and 2 Black Labradors (who think they are Huskies).